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Why Us?

With over 30 years of industry experience…

Nimbus Pond, Inc not only designs and builds the finest ponds and water features throughout Central California, we also maintain them! Our service programs are customized and tailored to meet your needs, whether you have a commercial or residential water feature. We pride ourselves on providing each client with personalized care to address the unique requirements of their project, regardless of size.


Who We Are?

A knowledgeable team of pond savvy guys . . . 

Basically, we understand the complexity and full scope of water features and ponds. Our knowledge goes deeper than merely skimming and scrubbing; we know what lies beneath the surface. We have the ability to build, repair, replace, and maintain all aspects of virtually any water feature. Equipment, pumps, impellers, filters, lights, chemistry… you name it and we can handle it. Heck, we even know how to feed the fish!


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